About Us

The Core Idea of HumbleSchool

We are a bunch of passionate educators trying to build a method of learning that fosters creativity, curiosity and a scientific temperament in children.

Our method breaks away from the traditional approach to learning - of studying things largely in the confines of a classroom, with the aim of scoring well on timed, written exams. Instead, we focus on what kind of impact learning has on a child.

We seek to get children excited (पढ़कर मज़ा आना चाहिए) and have them yearn for more (और जानने की इच्छा होनी चाहिए). We want every child to see what she/he learns not as a means to pass some exam, but as a means to understand the world around us better; and taking it one step further, to apply this learning to come up with creative solutions to problems we face in our daily lives. For the single biggest goal of learning is to be able to apply that learning towards solving problems, thus leading to progress.

Why We Are Doing This

While we understand that in any large scale educational movement, there have to be some systems and standards, somewhere along the line our systems have failed us. In the past few decades, India’s rote based education system has failed to produce enough thinkers and inventors. This is best summed up in the words of N R Narayana Murthy:

  • "Is there one invention from India that has become a household name in the globe? Is there one technology that has transformed the productivity of global corporations? Is there one idea that has led to an earth-shaking invention to delight global citizens?...the reality is that there is no such contribution from India in the last 60 years."
  • "Our youngsters have not done much impactful research work despite being equal to their counterparts in intellect and energy in Western universities."

Our education system needs to change if we want our kids to grow up to be innovators and pathbreakers.

What Our Solution Looks Like

We are building a learning app that is free from any lectures or tests. Instead, it is packaged as an entertainment app, containing entertaining short films and puzzles based on real life situations.

Our films

  • Make children notice, appreciate and think about the supposedly mundane daily life phenomena happening around them (बच्चों को आम ज़िंदगी के छोटे छोटे पहलुओं पर ग़ौर करवाकर उनकी सोच की सुई को घुमाती हैं)
  • Explain even complicated science concepts in plain and simple language, leaving children curious to explore further (Science के मुश्किल से मुश्किल concepts को हँसते खेलते आम बोल चाल की भाषा में समझाकर बच्चों में चीज़ों को और समझने की उत्सुकता जगाती हैं)

Our puzzles, just like our films, present some daily life phenomena and challenge children to reason why something is happening the way it is happening. And if they are not able to find answers, our app helps by chatting with them until they are able to figure out the correct answer in a logical manner. (हमारी films की तरह हमारे puzzles भी आम ज़िंदगी के किसी observation को बच्चों के सामने रखते हैं और फिर उनको उस observation का कारण पता लगाने के लिए challenge करते हैं। और अगर बच्चा सही solution नहीं खोज पाए तो उसको judge करने बजाए हमारी app बच्चे के साथ chat करके उसको सही answer तक सही logic के साथ पहुँचने में मदद करती है ।)

Essentially both our films and puzzles make children think and wonder. And this repeated cycle of thinking and wondering fuels their creativity, imagination and rational problem solving skills.

We are further bolstering our app with projects that challenge children to physically apply the concepts learnt and come up with frugal and innovative inventions that actually solve a real daily life problem.

Where We Fit Into The Current Education System

Learning solutions that nurture creativity and rational problem solving skills in children are the need of the hour. Meanwhile, our education systems and schools continue to be based on rote learning and regurgitation in exams. These do make children competitive in nature, but end up killing their creativity and curiosity. And that is where our offering fits in.

If you as a parent, grandparent or older sibling spend 10-15 minutes a few times a week with your child, enjoying our films and puzzles, then in a few months you will see the child evolving into a more curious and rational individual, having mastered concepts of science way beyond his/her age.

Meanwhile, we will continue to add more and more creative learning resources to help your child along in the journey.

Who Can Benefit From Our Product

Our product is built around films, puzzles and fun challenges. The remarkable thing about these mediums is that a child of any age can enjoy and consume them. (फ़िल्में, पहेलियाँ और मज़ेदार चुनौतियाँ बच्चे की उम्र नहीं देखते, हर बच्चा उनका मज़ा ले सकता है, फ़र्क़ नहीं पड़ता कि उम्र क्या है।)

However, if we have to recommend a relevant age group, then we would say that our content is best suited for children of ages 7 to 12. During this period, the aptitude for communication and logic properly kicks in, making it ideal to sow the seeds of creativity and sound scientific temperament.