Enchanting Your Kids with Science

Cherish science together with your 7 to 12 year olds, by observing, questioning, thinking about and discussing your daily life and surroundings and having lots of fun in the process.

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The HumbleSchool Way

Movies, Not Lectures

Children need to be pushed to attend classroom style lectures, but no motivation is required to make them watch movies.

So we created short films, replete with playfulness and humour and a far cry from boring lectures.

Homes, Not Labs

Look around your home, you will likely find a tube light, an LPG cylinder, a mobile phone and a host of other wonderful inventions. This essentially means your home itself is a lab, presenting endless possibilities to experiment, observe and get creative.

So we designed our stories and experiments around household items we interact with on a daily basis.

Parents, Not Institutions

Our education system and our educational institutions are very assessment centric. While they do build competitiveness, they destroy the child’s natural creativity and inquisitiveness. This puts the responsibility of conserving these valuable qualities on the parents.

So we developed content inspired by how families spend time together at home, such that parents can teach and children can relate easily.

Curiosity, Not Age

True learning is a function of curiosity, not age. An eager child should be given the means to learn whatever she/he wants to learn, irrespective of age.

So we created films and puzzles that can be enjoyed and understood by children of any age, with those between ages 7 and 12 likely to reap the maximum benefit.

Concepts, Not Syllabus

The value of concepts learnt lasts for a lifetime, whereas the value of the syllabus covered only lasts till the day of the exam.

So we built our offering purely around the concepts of science that need to be learnt, free from any boundaries of syllabus or grade.

Our Sample Videos

Understanding Pressure

A mother tells her daughter how the best scientists made great discoveries by keenly observing little things around them. The daughter, unimpressed, wonders what can one possibly observe in mundane things. To prove her point the mother picks up a couple of random objects around her to make some startling revelations, and makes her daughter learn a very useful concept in science.

Pressure in Liquids - Part 1

A mother asks her daughter to fill up a pot of water. In a moment of laziness, the child tries to fool her mother, but she is in for a surprise as the mother smartly turns her daughter’s mischief into a valuable science lesson.

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Any concept learnt in isolation will not be retained long, but any concept learnt in connection with many other things will be retained long and that’s one of the best things about humbleschool videos.

Aruna Maruti, Special educator, Cluny Convent, Bangalore